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1. All prices shown on the website are recommended by the Schorm company!
SPECIAL PRICES are offered after we receive your ORDER.

  • Please note we have a minimum order of 250,00 EURO of net invoice amount (without delivery costs)

2. To place an Order, add the products to the Shopping Cart, then complete the Checkout Form.
Note that Delivery is ESTIMATIVE until we send you the Final Offer.

3. After we receive your Order, we will get back to you with Final Offer reflecting SPECIAL PRICES and DELIVERY COSTS for your Order.

  • Changes in the number of items or changing the items lead to different prices.
  • Our final offer is based on the Ordered Items, their Quantity and Delivery.
  • All prices are in EURO and include the applicable VAT in your country.

  1. All our stated prices are recommended by the Schorm company. Nevertheless, as exclusive distributor, we offer special prices to our customers based on their order. These prices, as well as the delivery costs, are dependent on the items and their quantity.
  2. After we receive your order from this website, we will send you a special price offer.
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  3. If you agree with our special offer (sent by email and based on your order), you will receive a pro-forma invoice from us.
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  4. After payment is made we release the invoice and goods are going to be delivered by asking the Schorm company to proceed with direct delivery to your specified address. Delivery time is usual about 4 to 6 woking days.
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Please note: By placing your order our terms for delivery and payment apply.


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