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The web site www.SafeCrystal.com is own and administrated by S.C. DaraLive Company S.R.L., located in Romania, Barometrului 23 street, Bucharest, Sector 2, zip code 022695, registered at Trade Commerce authority under J40/6091/31.03.2022, having unique registry code of 33750602 (since 30.10.2014), European Unique Identification (EUID ) ROONRCJ40/6091/2022.

SC DARALIVE COMPANY SRL is also referred to as DaraLive. This document sets out the terms and conditions under which you can use the online store site www.safecrystal.com. Also, access to the above mentioned site will be under the authority of the terms and conditions presented in this document.

Using the site as a visitor, registering as a user and purchasing products in the range offered on the site implicitly implies the tacit and unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions, with all the consequences arising therefrom.

The use of the site will be for the purpose of viewing products and information about them and the store, as well as creating an account to serve the desired products. Use of the site for purposes other than those mentioned herein is forbidden.

DaraLive can make changes to the content of www.safecrystal.com at any time, changes in structure and accessibility, may stop providing information on the site without requiring prior agreement and without giving any notice to users or third parties. Also, DaraLive may limit access to certain parts of the site, certain facilities / frames on the site, may limit access to certain IPs without notice and without any liability.


DaraLive, through the online store www.safecrystal.com, generically named “DaraLive”, is called “Provider” and the products, texts and pictures on the store’s website are called “content”.

DaraLive allows access to the site and implicitly to the content of the site for both visitors and users. By the term “Visitor” of the site is meant any natural or legal person who will have free access to the site.

By the term “Site User” is meant any “Visitor” who registers as a “User” by completing a registration form that will use them to make product orders on the site.

DaraLive is not a reseller but a distributor.


The entire content of the site (products, pictures, texts, logos and other data), generically called “Content”, are the property of the Supplier and its suppliers and is protected by Law no. 8/1996, as subsequently amended and supplemented – on copyright and related rights, Law no.84 / 1998 – on trademarks and geographical indications and Law no. 129/1992, republished – on industrial designs. If you experience problems or intellectual property violations on this site, please contact us at info@safecrystal.com.

Free access to the site and the content of the site and their use are only allowed for personal use, without direct or indirect commercial purpose. Copying, storing, modifying or transferring any title, in whole or in part, of the site and / or content is not permitted without the explicit written consent of the Supplier and is sanctioned under the applicable law.

Linking to other sites or vice versa is allowed with a prior written agreement. DaraLive or third parties may provide, through the site, links (“links”) to other World Wide Web pages or resources.

DaraLive does not guarantee, nor is, and can not be responsible in any way for their availability, the form, content, advertising, products or other materials available on those sites.


Any attempt to access another person’s personal data or to modify the content of the www.safecrystal.com site or to affect the performance of the server running the site will be considered a fraud attempt and will be the subject of a criminal complaint at police officers against the one or those who have attempted this.


DaraLive has the right to change these rules at any time. Any changes will be made public on this page and will effectively take effect upon posting on the site.

Any litigation between Customer and Supplier will be settled amicably. If you have any problems with an order, product, delivery or any other nature, you can contact the responsible contact person by e-mail info@safecrystal.com.

If the conflict has not been settled amicably, jurisdiction lies with the Romanian courts, according to the legislation in force.


These Terms and Conditions include also specific terms described on “Working with us” page. Click here for details.


Enjoy the quality!

Your DaraLive Team