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The plastic reusable cup 0,5l PP transparent is “the cup” for every big and small event. The reusable cup 0,5l is inexpensive, unbreakable, highly transparent, stackable, food safe, reusable, suitable for dishwashers, light and versatile, suitable for any beverage. The cup offers very high security, as it does not cause injury from broken pieces. Plastic cups made of PP are virtually indestructible. Suitable for every drink on an open air, at all events, in the bar, on the tent party, in the garden, at the pool, in the household, in the kindergarten, in the school, in the spa and in the hotel wellness area.
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item model 9033
Weight / kg 0.0447
Height / mm 142
ø top / mm 94
ø down / mm 68
filling level 0.5l
Pieces per carton 345
colour transparent
Quantity suitable in transport box 264
CE mark Yes

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Weight 0.0447 kg