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The wheat beer glass 0,3l SAN crystal clear is lightweight, stackable, robust, food safe, reusable, dishwasher-suitable, printable and hardly distinguishable from glass. Plastic reusable cups made of SAN are only fragile under the influence of violence. Suitable for beer on the football pitch, on an open air, at all events, in the bar, on the tent party, in the garden, at the pool, in the household, in the thermal bath and in the hotel wellness area.
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item model 9073
Weight / kg 0.0605
Height / mm 172
ø top / mm 69.7
ø down / mm 58.8
filling level 0,3l
Pieces per carton 90
colour crystal clear
Quantity suitable in transport box 90
CE mark Yes

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Weight 0.0605 kg