Payment Terms

Please consider that we have a minimum order of 250,00 EURO of net invoice amount (without delivery costs).

You will receive a Proforma Invoice after you agree with the final offer. All goods (products) will be listed in this Proforma Invoice, their special prices, additional Services you may want (for instance: glass personalization) and delivery fees.

All prices shown on the website are recommended by the Schorm company, they are in EURO and without VAT tax.

Prices on Proforma Invoice will be in EURO and the applicable VAT tax of your country will be added.

Payments in RON is also possible by using the National Bank of Romania (click here for link) exchange rate available on the Proforma Invoice date. All transfer and exchange charges are to be paid by the client.

When the full payment is made, or you send us the bank payment confirmation, we process the Invoice and send it to you by email. At same time, our manufacturer Schorm company is notified to deliver the goods directly to you.
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Please note: By placing your order our terms for delivery and payment apply.


Enjoy the quality!

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