Delivery Terms

After the full payment is made (click here for Payment Terms), we notify the manufacturer, Schorm company, to perform the delivery. They will immediately provide the goods for collection by the forwarding company in order to be delivered to your specified address.

The delivery takes place without detours directly to our customers. If a tracking number (AWB) is provided, we will forward it to you.

If there are no problems with the freight forwarders, the delivery time takes usually about 4 to 6 working days after full payment.

Since we have no influence on the freight forwarders, it is not possible for us to promise fixed delivery dates. If goods are needed on a specific day, please consider to place your order in due time.

In order to ensure smooth delivery, kindly provide us a contact person, phone number and correct address where the goods can be delivered without any problems.

If the goods cannot be delivered or not collected due to client’s any reason, the costs for the return are to be paid by the customer.

If an item is not available in the ordered quantity, we will adjust the Proforma Invoice accordingly.

Please note: By placing your order our terms for delivery and payment apply.


Enjoy the quality!

Your DaraLive Team